First cold

The LM has his first cold and it’s breaking my heart.

His little sniffles, sneezes and coughs are so hard to listen to, especially since there isn’t much I can do other than wait it out. So far I’ve tried steaming him in the shower, dripping saline in his nose with an eye dropper, and using a bulb syringe to clear his nose. And so far none of those things have really worked.

We had a rough night last night, noone really got much sleep. Because he was coughing so much and was so congested we let him sleep in our bed. He was comfy and I let him nurse whenever he wanted to. Luckily this cold hasn’t affected his mood! He’s still a happy go lucky little guy.

Here he is warm and fuzzy in his fleece monkey onesie.

Checking out monkeys on his feet!

Checking out monkeys on his feet!

We skipped our Mommy and Baby fitness class this morning – I didn’t want him to get worse by going out, or infect any other babies. It’s too bad we had to miss it though, it’s such a fun class and I need the exercise. The LM seems to enjoy it as well – he likes looking at all the other babies. Getting my body back is high on my list of priorities, but obviously the LM comes first.

I really hope he gets better soon!

What remedies do you use when your baby gets sick?