Marvelous Mamas

A few months ago, I joined a group for mothers called “Marvelous Mamas: Welcome to Motherhood”.  I signed up for several reasons: it was the dead of winter in Montreal, bitterly cold and miserable outside and completely depressing; I needed a reason to get myself out of the house at least once a week; and I needed to meet more mommies, have some intelligent conversations with adults, and hopefully make a few new friends.

I was hesitant to join at first. I didn’t know how many other mommies would sign up, and I had visions of myself being the only person there. I can be really shy in big groups and I didn’t know if I would even feel confident enough to speak my mind. I really didn’t know what to expect, but after the first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision!

The group consisted of 6 mommies, 7 babies (1 mommy with twins!) and our instructor who introduced different topics, led the discussions, and encouraged everyone to share what was on their minds. While us mamas chatted, the babies played together.


Photo taken from The Learning Family website.

The small group felt intimate, I wasn’t shy, and I felt comfortable talking about various issues related to motherhood including breastfeeding, guilt, relationships, and sex. It was very liberating knowing that I could speak without feeling judged. Everyone had their own issues, and it was interesting to hear all the different birth stories, points of view, and how they are choosing to raise their children. I felt an enormous amount of support from these mommies, and I knew that I had made some great new friends.

Our sessions ended after 8 weeks, but we still continue to get together. We all love being able to talk about anything, and share different tips and tricks. I learned about things I probably would never had heard about (like baby led weaning and all the various types of baby carriers) thanks to my new friends.

To all the new mothers out there, I encourage you to find a group like this for yourself. It is so helpful and healthy. We need to support each other during this time. Becoming a mother is wonderful and amazing, but there are tough moments (days, weeks, months),and everyone needs a place where they can vent their frustrations. Husbands are great too, but they can’t always understand what it’s like.

Do you belong to any mother groups? What do you like most about them?

If you do not belong to any, what is holding you back from joining?